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About Us

Umutoni, formally known as Kaleidoscope Beauty is a luxury jewellery brand where every piece is handmade with love by the best artisans from the heart of Kenya. Celebrating empowerment, we champion intrinsic worth by committing to add value within the community.

With a 360 ethical and sustainable promise, we’re elevating the narrative that jewellery is an agent for social change when we celebrate home craftsmanship. Looking at luxury through the lens of culture, skill and community.

Meet Umutoni

Umutoni Thuku-Benzinge

Born in London, Umutoni has always had a strong affinity to her East African roots. Being of both Kenyan and Rwandan heritage, her love for jewellery began at a young age and she knew she wanted this to be something to tie her to the talent of artisans from her continent of origin. 

Now with her eponymous brand we present transformative sustainable luxury with style, class and confidence.

Umutoni is a Rwandan name that means favourite and precious, terms we intend to be synonymous with our brand and jewellery.

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