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Umutoni, formerly recognised as Kaleidoscope Beauty, its an award winning luxury jewellery brand with a distinct mission. Each exquisite piece is meticulously handcrafted with love by exceptional artisans hailing from the heart of Kenya.

Our brand seeks to redefine the role of jewellery as a catalyst for social change. Embracing empowerment, we passionately advocate for intrinsic value, dedicating ourselves to enhancing the well-being of the community.

Fulfilling a comprehensive commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, we are reshaping the perception of jewellery as a force for positive societal transformation. Through the lens of culture, skill, and community, we elevate the concept of luxury, embracing a narrative that celebrates the rich tapestry of home craftsmanship.

Meet Umutoni

Umutoni Thuku-Benzinge

In the dynamic realm of fashion and design, there are visionaries who not only craft aesthetically pleasing pieces but also leverage their creativity to enact positive change. Umutoni is one such luminary, an entrepreneur who has not only cultivated a thriving jewellery brand but has elevated it to a platform for empowerment and social impact.

Under her eponymous luxury brand, each jewellery piece is a manifestation of meticulous craftsmanship, lovingly handcrafted by skilled artisans from the heart of Kenya, situated in Kibera, the largest urban slum on the African continent. Beyond being a symbol of beauty, the brand is a celebration of empowerment, actively championing intrinsic worth and contributing tangible value within the community.

Upholding a comprehensive commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, Umutoni and her team are reshaping the narrative surrounding jewellery. They position it not merely as an accessory but as a catalyst for social change, emphasizing the significance of celebrating home craftsmanship. Their perspective on luxury is multifaceted, viewed through the nuanced lens of culture, skill, and community.

Born in London, Umutoni's deep connection to her East African roots is evident. With both Kenyan and Rwandan heritage, her passion for jewellery emerged early in life, with a distinct vision to connect with the talent of artisans from her continent of origin.

Today, her eponymous brand stands as a beacon of transformative sustainable luxury, exuding style, class, and confidence. Umutoni, a Rwandan name signifying "favorite" and "precious," encapsulates the essence of the brand, intending to be synonymous with the notions of cherished elegance and enduring quality.

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